WordPress Layouts

March 10, 2006

I’ve been trying some different layouts because my last one started to look a little boring. I was surprised to see the Hemingway theme was listed! I changed to that but the layout isnt what I want. I’m using the Dusk theme. I like the darker colours (what attracted me to Hemingway) as well as designs with a side bar and full post content (Hemingway didnt have). I still want to design my own layout sometime but this one gets the thumbs up!


One Response to “WordPress Layouts”

  1. halcyon Says:

    I know what you mean, my wordpress is boring as hell, but alas! I finally have somewhere to host my blog, so ill be getting into customising it soon, probibly to match my desktop theme yadda yadda, what you doing for st pattys tommorow dood?

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