March 13, 2006

I’ve been going through my bookmarks and adding the interesting ones to my account. Heres a few (they are all tech/geeky ones)

Call an apple an apple Very good read on ajax, a new name for an old technique.

Standards and specs: Not by UNIX alone An article at IBM developer works on API standards, good unix history run down.

Understanding the Recycle Bin – Basics What really happens when a file is sent to the recycle bin.

Lego USB JumpDrive 256 MB Very cool step-by-step guide to re-shelling a usb stick!

How to transfer/move all your Email from Hotmail (or Yahoo!) to Gmail Once upon a time I was using hotmail, I used this tutorial to my entire mailbox from hotmail over to my new gmail account, very useful and much better than forwarding every email as it keeps the original sender and does not add forwarding tags.

Thats all for now!


One Response to “Links”

  1. […] I’ve decided I’m going to start doing link dumps every now and again like I used to. I promise not to link to front page stories from aggregaters unless I really feel the need to (today can be the exception as it’s late and I want to share these links). […]

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