I’m in!

March 16, 2006

I have been sent an invite to Windows Live Messenger but havn’t had the chance to download it yet. Had to fire up IE to get the download to work though :P, it’s been a while!

I have a project in Java coming up so I’ll be evaluating some java IDE’s within the next week. In the meantime I came across two interesting sites today:

Daily WTF – Happy (Belated) Jed Day!

// if the expression is true then the result will be true, otherwise (since the
// expression couldn't be true) the result will be false.  There are no other
// mathematical possibilities
if (Expression=True) then

if (Expression=False) then

Machinima.com: Anna “The life of a flower in a gothic fairytale. Won ‘Best Technical Achievement’ at the Machinima Film Festival 2003” A short film made utilising the ID graphics engine. Created by Fountainhead Entertainment. Very impressive.
Messenger 8.0 BETA Now installed (I’ve taken my time writing this!) I have a bit to do before going to sleep so will have a good look tomorow.


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