Messenger 8.0 BETA … Thumbs up :)

March 16, 2006

Just a quck post on my first impressions… 13mb download?! I understand to most people this is no big deal but thats not the point, why does it need to be so big? It’s a messenging program! I’d consider 5mb large! The improvements on the GUI are welcomed, much smoother looking.

The annoying tabs on the side can be turned off (first thing I looked for), You can’t turn off the websearch at the bottom of the screen or the “find a contact” search box. The filter contacts is a nice feature, I set mine to show only online contacts. Best of all, You can send offline messages and can apper offline and still talk to people!, although (of course) they will know you are appearing offline. These are two features I have wanted since everyone switched from ICQ years ago, still not sure why they did?

Finally, if you do not have a virus scanner you can download a free virus scanner for messenger to automatically scan transfers. I have yet to try out the sharing folders feature.

I like it.


One Response to “Messenger 8.0 BETA … Thumbs up :)”

  1. halcyon Says:

    sounds good, hook a niggar up XD

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