Windows Defender, Disk wiping, and Power Point prototyping

March 21, 2006

Windows Defender (Beta 2) is the next version of the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware tool. Windows Defender runs in the background and gives real time protection gainst spyware and removes existing spyware from your computer, and its free (requires genuine windows validation). I highly recommend this tool. Windows Defender (Beta 2) can be downloaded here.

Disk wiping using cipher, I didn’t know about this tool unitl today. cipher is availible for Windows 2000 + , but is not supported on Windows XP Home. cipher uses three stages to ensure data on the hard disk is completely erased. A good overview can be found here.

Jensen Harris, a lead program manager at Microsoft wrote this interesting article on prototyping with Power Point. He outlines some good techniques and it is interesting to see such simple methods of initial protoyping are used in the industry. I guess for initial prototypes you don’t need anything more complex, Although RAD tools such as Delphi and useful.

Time to get back to assignments …


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