Vista, Principle of least privilege and rootkits

March 30, 2006

Still havn't managed to get any C++ done, Focusing more of my time on getting some assignments out of the way at the moment and doing some research for a possible project I might be doing, hoping to have that confirmed tomorow but it's looking good. I'm also going to make a personal website that I can use to promote myself once I complete a few sample projects of my work, I'll include a link to this site as well. I'll start with just a single page at first.  

Well I'm sure you have all heard Vista has been delayed again , From what I have seen of Vista it looks like is going to be a very good operating system and worth the wait. I must try some beta versions… Vista includes many security enhancements (which Windows badly needs) one of interest is their take on the Principle of Least Privilege. This overcomes the issues of users not being able to perform admin levels operations that are required when installing applications, The solution is often to simply give users admin access for their general accounts, The security risks of this are obvious!

A rootkit application is an application that uses techniques to hide themselves from anti virus and anti spyware scanners, here is a tool you can use to scan your computer for rootkits

I found this  when I was sorting my emails out yesterday, Interesting concept!


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