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April 29, 2006

Ive just download Songbird and have been playing with it a little, havn't used it enough for a review or anything yet but first impressions are good 🙂 What interested me most though, was that it is programmed using XUL and the Mozilla engine. Songbird is a good example of this technology, the concept of using XML, ccs and javascript (many of the technologies that bring as AJAX) to define an interface. It is also cross platform which I like as well as open source, which I like even more!

Songbird can be found at

I'm thinking of doing either an image format or sound format comparison as well, for example comparing tiff, png, jpg in terms of compression, support(image programs, browsers) I think that will be quite interesting!


Password Strength Meter

April 28, 2006

I made a mock-up today:

I got started on my password verification, I worte it in delphi because that allowed me to sort out the GUI much easier as it is only in prototype stage (I’m just working out a useful algorithm). The finished application code will be ported to java (or any server side language) with an ajax interface for use on webforms. As you can see the meter updates on each keypress and (at the moment) simple validation is done. I hope to have functionality completed very soon so I can begin porting and move onto my next project… Starting that XML file reader/writer.

Browser based desktops

April 27, 2006

I'm sure this will become much more common, as mentioned in my post the online desktop I can see thin client computers which consist of a tiny Linux install consisting of basic features and basic window manager, just enough to run a graphical web browser really. Using Ajax and web-based technology all the operations that were previously done via the 'operating system' will now be done on a operating system within the browser.

I came across the post XIN – AJAX Rich Live Desktop over at Webby's World. His article on web-based operating systems and is a very good read. XIN is a Ajax based operating system and looks quite impressive!

I predict some great advances in this area, perhaps Google is working on something? It has been rumoured! 

My own template? And wordpress themes

April 26, 2006

Well I have been looking at templates and some look pretty good, however I feel if I designed my own it would give me full control, I'd learn lots, and its good experience. I have a good idea of what I want, 2 columns (the same as this blog, I like the black sidebar on the right) with the only main difference to this blog being the top and colour scheme (I like the dark scheme though). For the top I simply want a rectangular image like they have used at GeekLimit. Wish me luck! Will get started on that In a couple of weeks.

I found a possible theme/template for my project blog though, the minimalist barecity wordpress theme.

And I have been making use of the AjaxWhois service to find a www address, but all the ones I think of end up being taken! I have one in mind that's available… Ideally I want the new address and new name of the blog to be the same.

Messenger 8 beta invites

April 26, 2006

Well I still havn't manged to get much further in my password meter, will get started tomorow depending on time. I have a few messenger 8 beta invites if anyone wants to give it a try? Leave your email in a comment 🙂

As for hosting, Dreamhost looks good but I have come across a few New Zealand based ones, which is where I live that offer good service and that will make payment easier so I might go with one of them. They offer wordpress support as well. Still havn't throught of a name/url for the new blog yet, the content of this blog will be exported over hopefully, or at least reposted. 

Password verification, Picasa and Dreamhost

April 25, 2006

As mentioned earlier something I have been wanting to do is create a password verification function for use in projects/applications that require a user to select a password. They way I will implement it will be in a function that returns an integer, say between 0-10 of password strength when given a password. This number can be used to indicate strength visually. I'm just noting some things down today and will have a prototype by the end of tomorrow 🙂 I'm going to make the prototype in Java but the logic will be able to be easily ported to any language, I have a Java based project coming up I will be able to use it in this.

Obviously just for a bit of fun and an indication, not at all intended to accurately gauge how strong a password is! Will post pics tomorow. 

I have spent the last hour or so adding labels to my photos in Picasa, much like tagging in Flickr. I havn't been using Picasa much recently but its a very good tool for managing a large amount of photos. My only real problem with it is in the right hand screen I would perfer an option of displaying images by name instead of thumbnails. On the topic of Google services, I will be adding my due dates for assignments to my Google Calandar tonight as well, I'm going to be organised this semester!

I have pretty much decided on Dreamhost for hosting and have thought of a possbile new name for my blog, just have to find a suitable theme now, I simply do not have the design abilities! I will create my own header from my photography though. 

Should be an action packed month, Hope it goes smoothly! 

Bouncing Emails?

April 24, 2006

I signed in to my hotmail address today in case it had been updated to live. The account was the same but I noticed in my spam folder a email sent from a forum I used to frequent. The reason I got it was that I had the email for years then cancelled it to lessen confusion when I exclusively used gmail and while it was cancelled the account was not taken, so when the account was active again the email went through! I wonder if their emails have been bouncing for the last year or so!

Perhaps something to consider when running a mailing list? If it bounces 3 times in a row (over a decent period of time) then the address should proberly be removed from the list!

I have finally fixed my times on this blog too! , it didnt update the eariler ones, which is as expected I should have done a proper test post in the first place, but from this post onwards time stamps will be correct, previous ones are out by 12 hours, so reverse am/pm 🙂

Moving servers….

April 24, 2006

I mentioned when starting this blog that I did not plan on hosting with wordpress for its entirety, I appreciate the free service that wordpress offer and for the most part it suits me fine but I feel its becoming too restrictive now. WordPress, most likely due to large server demands is often offline or takes too long to respond, as well as features like the rich text editor not working alot of the time (its not working as I write this post, for now I will place links in brackets), I also want to create my own template. Another bonus of moving to an off site host is I can run a private blog for my industry project that is coming up.

So far all I have done is made the decision, I havn't looked at hosting companies. I will start looking at what is availible and have something in place within a month. I'll be checking out some wordpress themes as well! Now just to think of a www address …

Funilly enough checking out GeekLimit AtariBoy has a post announcing he is doing the same for his personal blog.

Just want to add to the hosting companies, I think Dreamhost will be the hosting company I will use, their service (email) is very impressive!

Goodbye MySpace!

April 22, 2006

Well I deleted my MySpace account, and shall never speak of it again :P, well maby not that dramatic but I don't see the need for an emo MySpace account when I have Google Talk running most the day, MSN when I feel like it, A large list of contacts in Gmail, as well as a blog and cell phone. I must admit I never really looked into the music scene on there which I understand is the big attraction, I only opened the account cause a friend asked me to and I wanted to try the CSS tricks 🙂 It was coincidence I came across the digg post How MY SPACE grew into a Monster – Learning from Flaws of Competition. Interesting read and some very funny comments too.

I would be interested in an alternative social networking service however, MySpace just put me off with its contstant server errors, crappy user interface which alot of people really seem to love? (Bright green and pink != good design, neither does embedding an mp3 in a webpage, it wasn't cool 6 years ago and its not cool now), and bad security! 
I like the idea of it but it has simply just got too big for itself.

So for now, Goodbye MySpace!

Why Windows is better than linux

April 20, 2006

Why Windows is better than Linux Windows vs Linux discussion on KernelTrap.

Commodore PET / CBM reto case mod How cool is this!