And we are back.

April 16, 2006

First post in about a week or so, I got all my assignments in and now am on top of everything. What better time to start organising my work for the second half of the semester than now, and what better tool to do it with than Google Calendar :D. I didn't realise Google had released Google Calendar until I got an email from a friend today. I logged in using my

I recently tried the hack to upgrade a Hotmail account to Hotmail Live, Which left me with the same crappy interface after saying I had been upgraded. I was also having trouble signing out so sent an email to their support (a little over a week ago), I got a reply today and was very impressed with their service! They apologised for the delay and how important they realise it is to get a quick reply and then went into detail on the possible causes, which may or may not have been cookies/history settings, I dont actually use hotmail so its not too important. What I was interested in was if they could tell from my account details if I was on live, and if not if they could manually add me :p , they couldn't tell me due to privacy policys preventing them from this access even if they wanted to.

In conclusion, as far as free support from a large provider goes I was happy!, Although my friend got a reply from Gmail support in an hour 🙂 (not that I am comparing!)

Expect more frequent updates from now, Including one more today!


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