Bouncing Emails?

April 24, 2006

I signed in to my hotmail address today in case it had been updated to live. The account was the same but I noticed in my spam folder a email sent from a forum I used to frequent. The reason I got it was that I had the email for years then cancelled it to lessen confusion when I exclusively used gmail and while it was cancelled the account was not taken, so when the account was active again the email went through! I wonder if their emails have been bouncing for the last year or so!

Perhaps something to consider when running a mailing list? If it bounces 3 times in a row (over a decent period of time) then the address should proberly be removed from the list!

I have finally fixed my times on this blog too! , it didnt update the eariler ones, which is as expected I should have done a proper test post in the first place, but from this post onwards time stamps will be correct, previous ones are out by 12 hours, so reverse am/pm 🙂


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