Moving servers….

April 24, 2006

I mentioned when starting this blog that I did not plan on hosting with wordpress for its entirety, I appreciate the free service that wordpress offer and for the most part it suits me fine but I feel its becoming too restrictive now. WordPress, most likely due to large server demands is often offline or takes too long to respond, as well as features like the rich text editor not working alot of the time (its not working as I write this post, for now I will place links in brackets), I also want to create my own template. Another bonus of moving to an off site host is I can run a private blog for my industry project that is coming up.

So far all I have done is made the decision, I havn't looked at hosting companies. I will start looking at what is availible and have something in place within a month. I'll be checking out some wordpress themes as well! Now just to think of a www address …

Funilly enough checking out GeekLimit AtariBoy has a post announcing he is doing the same for his personal blog.

Just want to add to the hosting companies, I think Dreamhost will be the hosting company I will use, their service (email) is very impressive!


2 Responses to “Moving servers….”

  1. Robert Says:


    DreamHost is a great hosting company and perfect to run your blog on. They offer a one-click install of WordPress which is very handy, and makes the task of keeping your blog software up-to-date easier.

    Have you looked at ? You can currently get two years of hosting for the price of one (or 12 months for the price of 6 months).

  2. Marc Says:

    I heard something about DreamHost getting DOS attacked. Maybe that’s what it was?

    I have been very happy with shared hosting that I have from DreamHost. I have:

    Debian Linux
    20 GB of disk space
    1 terabyte of bandwidth
    Unlimited domains
    675 email addresses
    PHP, Perl, MySQL, Jabber, WebDAV, Subversion, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Gallery, phpBB, etc.

    and the customer support is fantastic. The turnaround has been very fast and they have helped me even when I f**ked things up myself. For example, they restored a bunch of files that I had nuked on my WebDAV share and they had it done in around 2 hours and that was on a weekend!

    and it’s only $7.95/month though I don’t really pay anything because I make $97 off of referrals so it pays for itself and gives me a bit of extra income. I have been very, very pleased with them.

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