Password verification, Picasa and Dreamhost

April 25, 2006

As mentioned earlier something I have been wanting to do is create a password verification function for use in projects/applications that require a user to select a password. They way I will implement it will be in a function that returns an integer, say between 0-10 of password strength when given a password. This number can be used to indicate strength visually. I'm just noting some things down today and will have a prototype by the end of tomorrow 🙂 I'm going to make the prototype in Java but the logic will be able to be easily ported to any language, I have a Java based project coming up I will be able to use it in this.

Obviously just for a bit of fun and an indication, not at all intended to accurately gauge how strong a password is! Will post pics tomorow. 

I have spent the last hour or so adding labels to my photos in Picasa, much like tagging in Flickr. I havn't been using Picasa much recently but its a very good tool for managing a large amount of photos. My only real problem with it is in the right hand screen I would perfer an option of displaying images by name instead of thumbnails. On the topic of Google services, I will be adding my due dates for assignments to my Google Calandar tonight as well, I'm going to be organised this semester!

I have pretty much decided on Dreamhost for hosting and have thought of a possbile new name for my blog, just have to find a suitable theme now, I simply do not have the design abilities! I will create my own header from my photography though. 

Should be an action packed month, Hope it goes smoothly! 


One Response to “Password verification, Picasa and Dreamhost”

  1. krishnaxt Says:

    great work keep on exploring new experiments

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