Browser based desktops

April 27, 2006

I'm sure this will become much more common, as mentioned in my post the online desktop I can see thin client computers which consist of a tiny Linux install consisting of basic features and basic window manager, just enough to run a graphical web browser really. Using Ajax and web-based technology all the operations that were previously done via the 'operating system' will now be done on a operating system within the browser.

I came across the post XIN – AJAX Rich Live Desktop over at Webby's World. His article on web-based operating systems and is a very good read. XIN is a Ajax based operating system and looks quite impressive!

I predict some great advances in this area, perhaps Google is working on something? It has been rumoured! 


One Response to “Browser based desktops”

  1. […] I was browsing lastnigt and saw YouOS on the front page. YouOS is an experimental web based OS that can be run via your webbrowser and has its own file system and applications. This follows the same idea I expressed in an earlier post ‘Browser based desktops‘ Its an area that interests me greatly so I thought I’d have a play: […]

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