April 29, 2006

Ive just download Songbird and have been playing with it a little, havn't used it enough for a review or anything yet but first impressions are good đŸ™‚ What interested me most though, was that it is programmed using XUL and the Mozilla engine. Songbird is a good example of this technology, the concept of using XML, ccs and javascript (many of the technologies that bring as AJAX) to define an interface. It is also cross platform which I like as well as open source, which I like even more!

Songbird can be found at

I'm thinking of doing either an image format or sound format comparison as well, for example comparing tiff, png, jpg in terms of compression, support(image programs, browsers) I think that will be quite interesting!


2 Responses to “Songbird”

  1. halcyon Says:

    looks very similar to iTunes

  2. macewan Says:

    yeah, so does the windows media player 11 but songbird is to be crossplatform whereas the windows media player and itunes is not.

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