Not long till DapperDrake!

May 6, 2006

With the huge success of Ubuntu Linu, DapperDrake looks to be, well quite Dapper! The project goals can be seen at the DapperDrake- Ubuntu Wiki

A piece of software I have seen mentioned quite a bit recently around different blogs is Puma. I havn't downloaded it but it might be worth a look. The post Puma vs everyone else is a good read as well, bringing Winamp, iTunes and Songbird into discussion.

I'll most likely have another post up today, little short on time right now đŸ™‚ 


One Response to “Not long till DapperDrake!”

  1. halcyon Says:

    Cant say I find Puma to be an attractive looking MP, even after all the dribble on how “Asthetics DO matter”

    They say ‘ever found yourself trying to find a play next or enque button’ and ‘Me too. Drag and Drop music from anywhere to your queue. Grab a few songs from your library, a couple from your playlists, and maybe one or two from your USB key. Yeah, you still got playlists. They’re just better.’
    hes talking about features your able to get on iTunes or WinMP as is, drag and drop dosent solve the problem of orgonising your music files any better then the way winAMP has attempted to attack it, I laughed the hardest at this quote.
    ‘It’s not an iTunes clone, it doesn’t want to be”
    wrong, WRONG, its a blatent itunes clone, from the layout, to the style.
    Colouring your tracklist yellow, and throwing an ugly gigantic play pause menu on the left instead of top center dosent change jack, at the end of the day, you have a PC menu on the left, and central library menu and a playlist menu, the only real differnce is iTunes is probibly alot better.

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