Windows Live Messenger BETA

May 9, 2006

I finally updated to the latest version of MSN 8.0, not that I had a choice, I couldn't sign in without updating, not a big deal though. Initial impressions are: I quite like the ability to choose colour scheme, Nicknames! This feature is great! It allows you to rename a contact on your list, very good for people who's names change often or if you are tired of long emo lyrics as names, much improved profiles and profile interaction with the application (Contact update subscription option availiable on contacts), and a few extra options here and there that I have yet to fully explore.

Messenger is starting to get very good! πŸ˜€



3 Responses to “Windows Live Messenger BETA”

  1. Atariboy Says:

    It looks soo much better than the old one, shame that its still msn tho 😦

  2. rick Says:

    Tama downtalked it on his blog

    *linkee* *linkeee*

    also.. i have been lookin into Tom DeLonge’s and Mark Hoppus’s new band projects.

    Toms is “Angels and Airwaves” (AVA)… and has a star studded line up, including David Kennedy from Boxcar Racer(guitar), Ryan Sinn from The Distillers (bass) and Atom Willard (the offspring, Alkaline trio and American Hi Fi) on the Drums…


    Marks new band is Plus 44, and Consists of Him, Travis and Carol Heller (ex Get The Girl, american all girl punk outfit) *she plays the guitar and sings backround*

    Marks new band is verry Blink 182 like..

    Toms is very.. Boxcar Racerish.. very sad songs… slow.. Melodius.. and toms voice follows through with the slow sad lyrics etc…

    ask me or tom if you cant find any.

    songs to look out for, before album release?

    Plus 44 – No It Isnt (seems to be an attack at tom.. about the whole hiatus.. very sad.. but very cool song)

    Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure… (very cool song)

  3. halcyon Says:

    I thought plus 44 was very slow and sad sounding like modern blink 182, not like the bulk of there albums.

    and of course I downtalked it, I prefured beta, it seemed cleaner to me, this one is definantly more usuable (everything is working now, ie; I can see who is online)
    I still think its butt ugly.

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