Software Engineering, Not Computer Science

May 10, 2006

At the beginning of the year in one of my software development lectures our lecture handed us a paper by Steve McConnell comparing the work of a software development to an engineer, instead of the common computer science term. I completely agree with this, in order to make good software you must plan, research, build, test and deploy, much like an engineer building a bridge or similar. The article can be found online here and is a good read.

I've been using the GoogleReader more and more now and have found it very useful, I previously had only subscribed to a few RSS feeds via FireFox but have since added all my regular blogs and websites. This allows me to keep up to date so much easier I'm embarrassed I didn't do it earlier :p The reason for browser based is I regularly move between labs and home and it is hard to keep them both syncd, otherwise I would perfer FireFox or a Standalone reader. I'm still going to try some other readers and may end up switching back.


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