Network neutrality under threat

May 11, 2006

Network neutrality of the Internet that users and services seemingly take for granted may be under threat. This threat is not all that new but the pressure has been building recently and it has been getting much media press. In a nutshell the telcos want to start charging for bandwidth based on speed, reliability and security and are targeting the larger sites such as Google. Although this does not affect the end user directly the higher costs of infrastructure matianance of these sites must be compensated for, which may result in higher charges of user services or limited speeds.

The slashdot post Small Cable Groups Seek To Break Net Neutrality is a good example and has some very informative comments, one of which was:

OK, here's a question.

Let's suppose I order a cool Rubik Cube from eBay and they send it to me thru UPS.

Me = Client
ebay = Server
Rubik cube = data packet
Highway = Internet lines.

Of course, I'm asked for the money to pay the shipping and handling, right?


So why TF should ebay (or actually the original owner) have to pay for shipping and handling, TOO?

Although slightly flawed it sums it up quite well.

I will be following this with great interest.

On a different note, after a fair bit of hard use my headphones broke yesterday. I use headphones quite alot and am quite picky about sound quaily (without getting rediculous) so I went out in search of a replacement. The ones I picked up were AKG Acoustics K81 DJ and I am very impressed! The build quality is excellent and the sound is so good it puts my last set to shame! The price is very good too at $130 NZ. They recieved a rave review in UK "DJ MAG". Highly reccomended.


4 Responses to “Network neutrality under threat”

  1. halcyon Says:

    Nice, im going to have to find myself some cool headphones for My Pc eventually but ive got a new HDD and widescreen LCD to sort out first 😀

  2. rick Says:

    mike! keen to come to welly for two days next tuesday? bring your headphones+cd walkman and Digi Cam, we are gonna go Indust Photo hunting.. XD

  3. rikiblundell Says:

    also link me to your site XD put me in your checkout..sweeeet

  4. rikiblundell Says:

    Also, check my site brother, links to both songs on youtube with videos (plus 44 is a fan video, not official release)

    hope you enjoy both the songs man. XD talk to ya later bud

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