Redesign for Slashdot?

May 12, 2006

From the slashdot website article: Slashdot CSS Redesign Contest Update, It looks like we might be seeing a CSS based redesign of the slashdot website. The post mentions three strong contenders (not finalists) and they are all pretty nice designs! I think its about time Slashdot had a make over 🙂

I have also been tidying up the links on my side bar, I have a bit more to do and am thinking of combining general with checkout. I have removed a couple of links that didn't serve much purpose there as well as renaming some links to make it tidyer. I have added my friend Riki's blog which he has recently started posting to again, hopefuly he keeps it up!

Blogmad … I started writing about blogmad yesterday but changed my mind. I am going to write about it today though. I joined blog mad when it was in testing and used it quite regulary (very regulary actually!) when it was publically launched. I havn't been using it in a month or so now as I got tired of having to browse blogs to keep credits up, this was largely due to the content filter not working too well. My site stats are still growing which I am happy with so thanks to all my regular readers! Although it is a very good service and is especially good for getting exposure I don't think I will be using it again too soon.


One Response to “Redesign for Slashdot?”

  1. rick Says:

    *yayy*.. do you have a look at those videos bro?

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