Learning C#

May 15, 2006

For my up and coming industry project I have decided what ever it is I decide to do, I will be doing development work with C# (pronounced "See Sharp"). This is because I have never used it and it looks like a very capable programming environment. I am familiar with Java programming so it should be a fairly easy transition. There are also increasing jobs for C# and decreasing jobs for Java programmers in the entry level positions and positions targeted as graduates. This is not always the case but I see having C# on my resume as a very good advantage.

There are lots of conflicting arguments on the web on the Java vs C# debate and I'll do a proper writeup myself when exams are done (there are going to be some pretty good posts in 4 weeks!). We all know Microsoft has always had an interest in Java, or seen it as a large threat. Their answer? C#. From what I have seen of C# it is very good, Java/ C++ like syntax and extensive XML capabilities, as well as all the features the .net framework provides. C# has gained huge industry recognition as can be seen with the many companies/ workshops porting existing applications to C# and the large number of C# programming jobs available.

Over the holiday break I'm going to purchase a book and start having a go! I still really like Java programming and find Java to be as capable as C++ in many situations, as well as its cross platform support, and the non Microsoft workshops obviously are usually more Linux, open source friendly which is important to me. I would like to specialise in Java at a high level some day.


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