May 24, 2006

I have been working on my projects (assignments) adding some much needed functionality to the templates I have made in XHTML and CSS. The XHTML will need a few tweaks to actually validate though but that is not a requirement of the assignment; more a good habit for me to get into, so that can wait!

So far I am really liking PHP, there are many resources available and common taks are simplified. Not having to compile the files is also quite handy when making many changes. JSP I am also enjoying, I really like the Java syntax and structure of the language and the JSP/Servlet framework in general. Tasks in JSP are more involved than similiar ones in PHP however.

I am using mySQL for the database in the PHP application and am hoping to use Microsoft Server 2003 for the JSP application. Hopefuly I can find a JDBC driver easy enough, I’m 99% sure there is a generic driver that will work though which will be fine for this assignment.

The JSPs also have to compile as well as any Java classes if you are using Java Beans etc. The Build.XML file with Tomcat makes this a very straightforward process though.

I don’t think I could comment on my perfered server side programming language as I do not have enough experience in either, all I can really say is that I am happy to develop server side applications in both.

Just a tip: When using JSP/Java beans and Get/Set methods for form data, follow naming conventions! I spent about 3 hours yesterday wondering what could be wrong with my application before realising I had named a function incorrectly! setUserName should have been setUername 🙂


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