Note this

June 4, 2006

I have been planning my new project and drew up a small prototype GUI in visio today:

Note This

Currently called note this (until I think of something better) the application will be a simple notepad that saves notes in an XML database with notes filed under categories (tags).

The idea for this came from realising there is a better way to storing notes such as passwords, emails, quotes, and other bits and pieces than to create seperate .txt files for each, which is what I have been doing. The GUI shown will be complemented with a viewer that allows saved notes to be easily viewed after being recorded. The beauty of this application will be its simplicity; when a note coms to mind simply open note this (from a keyboard shortcut) write the note, add some tags and save it. No file names, no locations, just gone!

There will also be an export option.

I get to start it in 3 weeks and hope to have it done in 3 weeks from then. I will post progress updates! 


One Response to “Note this”

  1. Atariboy Says:

    I do love C#, talk about rapid GUI development!

    I taught myself C# using Visual studio 2005, it’s so simple and clean 🙂

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