– fresh links for developers

June 11, 2006

I've been meaning to link for ages, very slack of me! A brief description from the digg article is below: (DZ) is a link-sharing community where member participation determines what gets published and what does not. Members submit links to developer-related content into a queue, and you vote to indicate whether or not you like those links. A must read for developers CS pros and hobbyists.

I could spend all day reading articles there (and proberly will over the holidays 🙂 ) Support them by signing up and digging the article! 


3 Responses to “ – fresh links for developers”

  1. Anindita Ray Says:

    I am seeking a Java GUI developer for one of my clients in Marlborough, MA. If interested please get in touch or would appreciate if you could recommend somebody.

  2. Rick Says:

    Thanks for your kind words. We very much appreciate this kind of support, and we’ll do our best to improve a lot more!


  3. elevate Says:

    Thanks, I’m a member of the mailing list since the beginning and keen to help a great service in any way 😀

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