McKoi SQL Database for Java

June 13, 2006

Java programmers may be interested in this, from the website

Mckoi SQL Database is an SQL (Structured Query Language) Database management system written for the JavaTM platform. Mckoi SQL Database is optimized to run as a client/server database server for multiple clients, however it can also be embedded in an application as a stand-alone database. It is highly multi-threaded and features an extendable object-oriented engine. 

McKoi is released under the GNU General Public License and supports the SQL standard to a comparable level of other SQL database management systems available (see McKoi SQL Syntax). McKoi supports similar data-types to mySQL but with the addition of JAVA_OBJECT , allowing a serializable objects in Java to be stored.

I couldn't find any mention on if McKoi supports referential integrity which the default database engine in mSQL does not. Not really that big a deal if you design your appication to implement these features itself.

This will be the first thing I will be playing with in the holidays as it looks very useful! 


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