June 28, 2006

Well the holidays have finally come and I have finished all my subjects, hoping for good marks all round 🙂 Now that I have some more free time I will be able to update much more and get started on some projects I have been meaning to do. Currently my list is (in some form of importance from 1st to last) below:

  1. Create dump program. I have a really bad habbit of saving everything to the desktop and working from there. Each new semester I create new folders for each subject as well as a folder for reference, this usually lasts 2 weeks before it is a mess again. I have an idea how I can solve (inspired by using ANT with TomCat) this so will get out DELPHI tonight or tomorow.
  2. Host my blog and some friends blogs on a new server, get some experience with how wordpress works.
  3. Install a new harddisk and format my old one.
  4. Learn C# and make NoteThis! application, an application to store text based notes by tagging and saving. Will have an XML backend.
  5. Re-write my content management system into Ruby to allow more webhosting options and to learn ruby on rails.
  6. Make a Java RSS feed reader (Ideally will run from command line and will later add a gui)
  7. Get organised!

I’ll update with my progress on this as well as other development topics I come across.


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