Getting organised

June 29, 2006

I started creating a small app to improve how I manage my documents. This is what I came up with:


The application looks at a ‘dump’ directory, a directory containing files that are currently being worked on. Files are saved in this directory with a ‘tag’, a prefix before the filename terminated with a ‘.’. For example as the image above shows I may have two files Assignments.Assignment1.txt and Images.image1.tiff. When the ‘deploy’ application is run it will create two new folders in the specified source directory called Assignments and Images. The two files will then be moved into these directorys and their ‘tag’ will be removed. They now exist as Assignment1.txt in Assignments and image1.tiff in Images.

The original files in the ‘dump’ directory are removed.

This allows for much easier saving of files; write in the tag of where they should be sent and when the application is run (either manually or on computer shutdown/start up) the files are organised.

All I have left to do really is clean the code a little and allow the source and destination directories to be set via parameters as currently they are set as variables in the application code.

I’ve learnt a few things in Delphi by creating this application which I am happy to know such as the CopyFile windows API call as well as Peek Char datatypes.

And after Java programming the ‘:= expected but ‘=’ found’ was a common compiler error 😛

Thats one thing off the to-do list!


2 Responses to “Getting organised”

  1. […] Following on from my original post on the application I have been developing to simply manage my files, I have completed BETA 1 of my application currently named DumpIT! […]

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