Xubuntu and new direction

July 6, 2006

I was looking at the Ubuntu website today and saw Xubuntu looks like it may be the perfect distro for the server I’d like to set up.

I’ve been thinking of the direction of my blog and am really liking the idea of a wordpress powered tumblelog, a tumblelog being exactly the same as a blog but (in my opinion) going against the typical blog designs and structures. Of course this is how blogging started out (a collection of random thoughts) but as blogging has exploded many blogs now follow self placed rules (post with correct grammer, post a decent sized post, bla bla bla). Not really what I am after.

The answer, a new blog designed by myself and using the wordpress content management system which will have a complely fresh design , and will be a personal blog including the development topics I come across (this is what tags are for). I don’t belive my content really requires a technical only focus and its not really what I am after although its what I have aimed for. Any lengthly tech/development posts can simply be created as a new page.


This image created with ajaxSketch and print screned into photoshop shows what the new layout will consist of in terms of divs and plugins. Pretty self explanitory I think!

So, long story short I’m making a new design and going to have a personal blog with mostly programming related posts, but they will be short and sweet 😀 I’m going away for 2 days tomorow so I’d like to start after then. Of course this will take a little while (will post updates) and I’ll continue to post as per usual!


One Response to “Xubuntu and new direction”

  1. […] I’m using the sketch I posted as a bit of a guide but the Flickr photos will not be where I had planned and I’m a little unsure if I love or hate tag clouds. I like the fact that they display the tags in a creative way and using fonts and colours give a good indication of usage , although I do feel they are a little over done and can look ‘tacky’. […]

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