July 19, 2006

I started my project today, I have my own desk with a view and all the software resources I need so I am very happy! I’m working with .NET and .NET components so I have spent the day researching how it all fits together and I have a good understanding, Next week I will continue to do the same and it shouldn’t be long until I move into the analysis phase of the application I will be making, followed by development.

I have recently become a little addicted to, a resource filled with tips of being productive with technology as well as various other ‘life hacks’ needless to say my account has been getting quite a hammering!

I’ve downloaded and installed foobar2000 to see how I like it as a primary MP3 player.

I’ve also been briefly looking for a vi alternative for windows, well there are a few vi commands that I’d like in a text editor and I’m thinking of starting to make my own as a small project just for fun.

Tomorow I am definately going to tidy up my deploy application to take command line parameters for the source and destination directiory. A problem I have identifed is if there is a file with no ‘tag’ in the dump directory, currently when the application is run the file textfile.txt would be moved to a folder called textfile and named txt. Not too ideal! I am going to add a simple condition that will first check to see if a file has more than one ‘.‘ in it. This way assignment.textfile.txt will be moved to assignment/textfile.txt and textfile.txt will just be moved to the destination directory.

I also read today that IE7 will not support Windows2000? I’ll have to look that up but surely Microsoft can’t turn their back on all the Windows 2000 based workstations? Then again , anyone using Microsoft projects will be well aware they need to be using the latest products.

Another thing I need to do is find a nice simple and free standalone RSS feed reader. I’ll be looking at these and FireFox RSS extensions tomorow as well.


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