TUX digital magazine no longer free

July 26, 2006

I recieved an email today regarding my subscription to TUX:

This week you’ll notice a change in TUX. It will move from being a
free digital magazine to a paid one. Your current complimentary
subscription will be extended for 6 issues (expiring after the
January 2007 issue). That being said, this is just a note to let you
know what’s happening — there’s nothing at all you need to do
today. Your free subscription will continue to be delivered to you
as you had originally requested.

I’ve always supported this digital magazine (delivered via email in PDF) I must admit I have been a bit slack in reading them (I have a few unread issues in my archives). I’d be interested in a subscription depending on pricing. Especially considering their generous extension, will be good for evaluation.


3 Responses to “TUX digital magazine no longer free”

  1. elevate Says:

    I noticed that! , Much welcomed features! Though I find myself only running Gaim at home. May re-install live messenger, we will see!

  2. dosnlinux Says:

    Bummer. I’m gonna be sad when my subscription runs out.

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