NetObjects: Fusion

July 30, 2006

NetObjects Fusion is a WYSIWYG website development package that never seems to get much recognition. After NotePad it (Fusion 6?) was the first package I ever created a website in and although the website never went live I found the site management and editing features were much above what I had tried previously and in general I found it a much more powerful environment than the FrontPage and Netscape Composer’s of the time, the other tools I had tired.

The reason for bringing this up is that I had completely forgotten about NetObjects and while quickly browsing magazines at the store I noticed NetObjects fusion 8 on the cover, I assumed this would be an evaluation of the latest version of NetObjects but after a quick Google search I found that Fusion9 is the latest version so the version on the CD may have been a free version, might have to go back and have a look!

Dreamweaver is a very good environment and if I was asked to recommend one, from experience I would choose Dreamweaver. That said, after a bit of playing around with the latest Fusion offering that opinion may change 🙂 I don’t do much web-development (as in design) but it’d be quite cool to go back to the application I first started out with!

I’ll install Fusion8 if it was indeed a free version. If you are interested in website design or development I suggest you find an evaluation or have a close look at the feature specifications.


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