The search for a to do list

August 2, 2006

After searching for a to do list, and trying many combinations from applications, to plain text scripting, to drawing up an idea of my own, it seems I have finally settled on something that is easy to use, portable, and functional ; pen and paper 😛

After trying many different solutions for a while the one that let me really get the ideas down and give me the most satisfaction when a task is complete was plain paper!

Last semester when I got really snowed under due to my own bad time management my newly purchased notebook proved indispensable. It allowed me to write down everything I needed to do during the day, brainstorm ideas and doodle :). I manged to get everything done, and more, and received an A+ for the project!

As far as a simple to-do list, I think this is hard to beat.

On a similar topic for my project I have been keeping a plain text journal. This again has proved highly useful for simply getting notes down in a small and portable format. I have started writing the journal with a basic template:

Start: (press F5 for timestamp insert in notepad)

I spend today researching ……

End: (press F5 for timestamp insert in notepad)


I’d like to make a Delphi application that automates the appending of this template information to the file to save time as well as add in a mechanism to tally up my hours completed based on the time stamp.


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