Updated wordpress login

August 3, 2006

I just logged in and noticed the new login screen:


Looks good! I really want to learn how to do those nice gradient fills! Or is it some kind of lighting trick?

As mentioned in my previous post I began writing my ‘append to text file’ application, it worked well although I came across a couple of issues regarding keeping a tally of hours worked. I manged to use the Delphi functions to return a double (delphi dates are stored as a double datatype) my calculation of EndTime – StartTime returned a double value, say 36555 (I have NO idea what it was from the top of my head and the application is on another PC). The problem I had was then displaying it, I kinda gave up at that point, not because it was too hard but because I decided it was unnecessary and that I’d manually edit the file, I actually prefer it that way. I’ll still work out how to manage dates though!

If I make a good dateDiff type function I’ll post it up.


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