XML logging

August 9, 2006

I was thinking lastnight of projects I’d like to do and one of them was to make an XML parser that will take logs of common files such as from messenging applications, parse the file and write it to a database. I like the idea of all my logs being searchable and more secure and it also means only a very recent copy of a log needs to be stored (the old log can be removed once it’s added to the database).

I found an application on sourceforge.net called IM Sniffer that seems to do something similar, but I havn’t tired it. This application is written in Visual Basic and I’m after something more configurable, for example not just messenger logs.

I’d like to start with a (ruby? python?) script that takes a log from its default directory, parses the file and populates a database. The program I will start with is GAIM. This brought me to my next idea, what about adding XML logging to GAIM itself? This would be a very large learning curve but would give a lot of experience, what did I find?

GAIM already have a google summer of code project for this! as well as for storing logs in a database! The projects have been taken up which is fine as I don’t think I’m quite ready to take on such a project.

Will stick to the text file parsing for now 🙂 Though my instant messenging isn’t really worth logging! Maby Apache?


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