WordPress Upgrades

August 14, 2006

I just noticed wordpress now has an ‘upgrades’ option on the admin page. This allows access to certian features by purchasing credits via paypal. A very good idea and I hope it works well for WordPress.

Currently for $15 USD you can access the custom CSS plugin that is included in the download of WordPress for a year. I think if the wordpress hosting suits you this is a very worthwhile upgrade and it is something I’m considering. I’ve been wanting to host myself  for some time, but as I only need to host this blog at the moment it hasn’t been worthwhile to get a hosting account, and I like the community integration. I’d like to host some friends blogs though which would give me more reason to set up on my own.

I might load this theme on my local server and have a play with the CSS styles and see what I come up with! I’m not much of a designer but I’d like to change some colours, fonts etc.

There is another new feature, ‘Tag surfer’ which displays recent blog posts with the same categories as you have. I have found some great blogs tonight so look forward to using this more!

Time to get some sleep I think!

…and I’m still copy pasting!


7 Responses to “WordPress Upgrades”

  1. carol Says:

    Is that the way you found mine?

  2. elevate Says:

    I’m not too sure actually! Either that or from a link on a featured blog 🙂

  3. carol Says:

    Aha!I got it.I am just using now this feature.I saw it early but didn’t pay much attention to it.

  4. Matt Says:

    Great to hear the tag surfer is actually working!

  5. elevate Says:

    Love the CCS plugin availability too, that was no1 on my wish list , allowing theme uploads being second :P. And introducing the credits system is a great idea, It’s good to be able to give back 🙂

  6. carol Says:

    How about the MyComments?
    I love this one.

  7. elevate Says:

    Yeah it makes it very easy to keep track, the new features add a great community feel and I like that! I would like the ability to filter the tag surfer to only show english blogs though, and maby the ability to view more?

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