Getting there!

September 1, 2006

I’m just finishing an analysis report for the organisation I’m doing my project for. The outcome will determine what path I take for the rest of the project. I’ve done research/ requirements report covering all aspects of the proposed system, alternative technologies and the implementation details. The documentation includes models such as an ERD for the relational database, and UML notation for the requirements gathering (use case), main processes and interactions (sequence). I have also included sample XML documents and schema files as well as the GUI prototypes. Its looking quite good!

This has mean’t I havn’t had much time to blog! I have managed to waste a lot of time at this site though!:


Good ‘ol New Zealand 😀 Keep an eye out on my FlickR account, I’ll proberly post a few more up as I come across good ones.

Quite a while ago I was looking at getting into game development and came across The Media Design School. My interests since changed but I am still a subscriber to their email newsletter as I like to see whats going on in the local scene. The reason for bringing this up is that the latest newletter had a showcase of student work and I wanted to share Ricky Bok’s – Great Escape. Pretty cool!


2 Responses to “Getting there!”

  1. halcyon Says:

    mike. mike. mike.


  2. elevate Says:

    I noticed the note you put on the image 🙂

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