Microsoft AJAX Library…

September 12, 2006

… Is the new name for the Atlas toolkit. I much prefer the singular ‘Atlas’ and don’t see why they needed to change it? Longhorn – Vista is a different story:).

In saying this until I found out about the name change I hadn’t even heard of Atlas! The discovery comes at the perfect time as I need to do some web GUI work very soon and the Atlas toolkit looks very useful. I’m interested to see how it compares to the Yahoo YUI toolkit. The particular application I’m working on is a .net environment so looks like ‘Microsoft AJAX Library’ may be the go. I wonder if developers familiar with Atlas will continue to say Atlas?

I have mentioned YUI before in my post: GUI toolkits for web apps?

Web-based development is my biggest interest at the moment so I’m really looking forward to trying these toolkits out.

My industry project meeting yesterday went great and they were impressed with my documentation so its all go!

I’ve been looking at my large category list and have been wondering what to do with it? I think I will group them into more generic categories such as programming, design, database, etc. Less clutter and should allow easier navigation by category. I’d like to be able to list all posts on a single page (by title) too. I think simply having a link to the categories will be the best option.


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