Firefox2 and the Yahoo extension

November 4, 2006

I installed firefox 2 tonight and I (of course) like it. Nice, subtle but noticeable interface upgrades and of course the welcomed addition of a spell checker!

I also had a look at the Yahoo firefox extension. I’m not sure how long this has been around, the URL based link in my toolbar had done the job fine so far but I thought I’d have a look.

I use often and have always thought it’d be cool to integrate directly to the Bookmarks menu. In fact a friend of mine is writing a simple browser using the Mozilla active x control I have previously mentioned and this is something I said he should do. Well, the Yahoo extension does exactly this, making bookmark management that much easier and the roll back (exporting from to your bookmarks menu on uninstall) works perfectly.

Firefox also provides easy RSS integration to add a feed to your favourite reader. I configured mine to subscribe feeds to my blog lines account, again, much welcomed!

I havn’t had much of a change to look at any other new firefox features yet.


2 Responses to “Firefox2 and the Yahoo extension”

  1. halcyon Says:

    pick up some part time / homeschool papers from Massey or Weltec 😉
    Its good to have a few projects running at home for when work gets boring and repetative

  2. elevate Says:

    Computer science at Massey is highly likely, either that or some formal certification (Java? Linux?). If I did the Java one I’d use enough algorithms/ structures to compensate for the computer science, well thats what I’m thinking.

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