March 28, 2007

When writing my last post I forgot completely about my graduation, which was yesterday.

Graduation was great, I won the award for best industry project which is something I always wanted to acheive.

This came as a suprise as the majority of the projects were very high standard with alot of time and effort being put in. Along with the award I was presented a check for $1000 NZ from Toyota New Zealand, also a huge suprise!

I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and seeing what everyone is doing. It was good to share some work stories and discuss some future collabrations. Me and a friend have been meaning to start developing a fun web based competition which will be unvailed soon I hope!

I spent last night celebrating with family and came back home thismorning (could have slept in forever).

I ordered a Lain Li case today, not the newest of their offerings but I feel its the original of the designer cases and have always wanted this shape.

I also picked up a copy of Red Hat Fedora Core 6 Unleashed today, had to choose between this or FreeBSD Unleashed, a hard decsion but they are very similar (concepts) and I can always borrow Ra’s copy (Which in true geek fashion I started reading while having some drinks at his place).

Sorting a place to park my new domain and then all will be told, I can confirm I now have a new domain name ready for some future projects.

An eventful couple of days! Still have to get started on the file rename script.


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