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Going without headphones

May 21, 2007

My last pair of headphones recently broke – I wasn’t too worried as I’ve been wanting a new pair. It’s been over a week without headphones now and I didn’t realise how much I relied on music to work/ block out annoying people on the train.

I brought a pair of Grado SR60’s tonight from trademe and should have them by the end of the week. I’ve listened to these before and didn’t want to give them back :). I think the’ll add a huge amount of enjoyment to my music. I’m even considering a headpone amp to complete the package, though a stereo amp is highest priority.

Review on arrival! I think I’ll throw some infected mushroom at them and see how they go! Will be chemical brothers first though, Alive Alone.



May 17, 2007

Havn’t updated in a while, I’ve been quite busy with a few other things. Excuses aside, I’ll be posting much more frequently. In fact I’ve set a goal – To make a simple hosting website for my flat. The goals are:

  • Nice clean interface
  • Allow comments
  • RSS Feed
  • Database backend (of course).

I’m 50/50 Java vs Ruby on Rails. I’d love to do either. I decided Java as its something I’d like to become more experienced in. I’m interested in learning Ruby for scripting though.

I’ve read many interesting comments on slashdot recently (I often just read the comments as it summaries/picks apart the articles and you get some very intelligent people posting). My two favourites recently being:

The Rise of “Hybrid” Vinyl-MP3s for the quote:

“Making a legal, paid-for version of the file less useful than a copied or pirated one doesn’t make sense.” First World Records co-founder.

Rethinking the Linux Distribution? for the many quotes echoing my opinion such as:

“Collaboration can happen without application hosting. It’d be better if we focussed instead on creating a great P2P collaboration framework, and build that into many applications, such as OOo, or the Gimp, or any other system you might want to use for multi-authored documents.”

“Yes, it’s an inflammatory subject, but it’s exactly what needs to happen. “Software as a service” is the wet dream of many corporations right now, because it offers a per use pricing model and offloads an enormous amount of control to the vendor. When their machines run everything, it’s DRM heaven.”

Will be getting in touch with Dreamhost next week RE: Hosting. I’ll be keeping this theme with a couple of enhancements, namely having a more prominent RSS feed icon (not huge, but more noticable).

Browser + Window Manager

May 2, 2007

With everyone wanting to move applications online ; Network, security, and logic (as in why?) issues aside, wouldn’t browsers benefit a suitable make over to adapt to the push better? I mean they are supposed to be document viewers. I’ll explain.

Everyone who uses a GUI based desktop operating system will be familiar with Window Managers and how each application can inherit a consistent look and feel (Move, Re-size, Minimise, Maximise, Title Bars). A browser engine however, simply displays the page. This is all very well for websites intended to be viewed as websites but (in my opinion) not so good for web applets. This is due to the fact that they can’t be moved around and interacted with as if they were a desktop application.

The solution?

Implement a browser which allows the web app (via xml config file or similar) to define simple characteristics such as, should the page be displayed as a browser (webpages) or should it be displayed as an application. The browser itself would be a container with the option of closing it, and a task bar at the bottom to switch between open windows). Windows would be able to be viewed side by size, tiled, and managed more effectively.

browser based window manager

I quickly sketched up an image to illistrate my point; three (web sites) are defined to look like an application, while the fourth (slashdot) is defined to look like a webpage (I didn’t add web page controls to the slashdot one – my bad!).

This is a broswer interface I’d really like to see – would be a good open source project.


May 2, 2007

I didn’t manage to follow the uproar unfold as digg started censoring posts related to the HD-DVD processing key, as I was working, but I did have a look in the afternoon and was stunned at the communities response! Power to the people is all I have to say. Digg may have done it this time!

Slashdot coverage