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July 9, 2007

After a lack of posts I went and did the same thing again – This time, another hardware issue. I decided to wait for a new system as I’d be building up a new system from scratch anyway and it took longer than expected for everything to come together. I was also doing extra hours at work which made it easy to put the new system on the back burner in favor of sleep!

No more downtime!

The install of Fedora Core 7 went smoothly – I downloaded the boot ISO from a official mirror and used that for the basis of my install. My major issues were 1 – The boot installer asks for a location and mirror to install from, it’d be nice to select from a list at this stage (or even browse for the img file). and 2- when the img file is downloading there is no progress indicator – I went into town and left it, it took a little over an hour I think. I then left the computer over night while I went out of town and came back to a screen asking to restart the computer – Easy!

Tomorrow I’ll start installing a Java environment and begin a project I’ve been wanting to start.