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Going without headphones

May 21, 2007

My last pair of headphones recently broke – I wasn’t too worried as I’ve been wanting a new pair. It’s been over a week without headphones now and I didn’t realise how much I relied on music to work/ block out annoying people on the train.

I brought a pair of Grado SR60’s tonight from trademe and should have them by the end of the week. I’ve listened to these before and didn’t want to give them back :). I think the’ll add a huge amount of enjoyment to my music. I’m even considering a headpone amp to complete the package, though a stereo amp is highest priority.

Review on arrival! I think I’ll throw some infected mushroom at them and see how they go! Will be chemical brothers first though, Alive Alone.


NetObjects: Fusion

July 30, 2006

NetObjects Fusion is a WYSIWYG website development package that never seems to get much recognition. After NotePad it (Fusion 6?) was the first package I ever created a website in and although the website never went live I found the site management and editing features were much above what I had tried previously and in general I found it a much more powerful environment than the FrontPage and Netscape Composer’s of the time, the other tools I had tired. Read the rest of this entry »

Note this

June 4, 2006

I have been planning my new project and drew up a small prototype GUI in visio today:

Note This

Currently called note this (until I think of something better) the application will be a simple notepad that saves notes in an XML database with notes filed under categories (tags).

The idea for this came from realising there is a better way to storing notes such as passwords, emails, quotes, and other bits and pieces than to create seperate .txt files for each, which is what I have been doing. The GUI shown will be complemented with a viewer that allows saved notes to be easily viewed after being recorded. The beauty of this application will be its simplicity; when a note coms to mind simply open note this (from a keyboard shortcut) write the note, add some tags and save it. No file names, no locations, just gone!

There will also be an export option.

I get to start it in 3 weeks and hope to have it done in 3 weeks from then. I will post progress updates! 

Not long till DapperDrake!

May 6, 2006

With the huge success of Ubuntu Linu, DapperDrake looks to be, well quite Dapper! The project goals can be seen at the DapperDrake- Ubuntu Wiki

A piece of software I have seen mentioned quite a bit recently around different blogs is Puma. I havn't downloaded it but it might be worth a look. The post Puma vs everyone else is a good read as well, bringing Winamp, iTunes and Songbird into discussion.

I'll most likely have another post up today, little short on time right now 🙂