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June 11, 2006

I've been meaning to link for ages, very slack of me! A brief description from the digg article is below: (DZ) is a link-sharing community where member participation determines what gets published and what does not. Members submit links to developer-related content into a queue, and you vote to indicate whether or not you like those links. A must read for developers CS pros and hobbyists.

I could spend all day reading articles there (and proberly will over the holidays πŸ™‚ ) Support them by signing up and digging the article! 


New Layout

May 16, 2006

I have changed my layout to what is actually the default wordpress theme. The reason for this is that I feel it is much easier on the eye and offers better presentation of the content, the most important bit :). This is the layout I actually want but with some subtle changes (black side bar, different background colour, different header image to name a few) but for now it suits quite fine! I think in the mean time I will also register a domain name to point to this address. I'm thinking of a name based on my full name.

I also have a couple of links I'd like to mention:

Yahoo! UI Library Grids CSS

Redesign for Slashdot?

May 12, 2006

From the slashdot website article: Slashdot CSS Redesign Contest Update, It looks like we might be seeing a CSS based redesign of the slashdot website. The post mentions three strong contenders (not finalists) and they are all pretty nice designs! I think its about time Slashdot had a make over πŸ™‚

I have also been tidying up the links on my side bar, I have a bit more to do and am thinking of combining general with checkout. I have removed a couple of links that didn't serve much purpose there as well as renaming some links to make it tidyer. I have added my friend Riki's blog which he has recently started posting to again, hopefuly he keeps it up!

Blogmad … I started writing about blogmad yesterday but changed my mind. I am going to write about it today though. I joined blog mad when it was in testing and used it quite regulary (very regulary actually!) when it was publically launched. I havn't been using it in a month or so now as I got tired of having to browse blogs to keep credits up, this was largely due to the content filter not working too well. My site stats are still growing which I am happy with so thanks to all my regular readers! Although it is a very good service and is especially good for getting exposure I don't think I will be using it again too soon.

My own template? And wordpress themes

April 26, 2006

Well I have been looking at templates and some look pretty good, however I feel if I designed my own it would give me full control, I'd learn lots, and its good experience. I have a good idea of what I want, 2 columns (the same as this blog, I like the black sidebar on the right) with the only main difference to this blog being the top and colour scheme (I like the dark scheme though). For the top I simply want a rectangular image like they have used at GeekLimit. Wish me luck! Will get started on that In a couple of weeks.

I found a possible theme/template for my project blog though, the minimalist barecity wordpress theme.

And I have been making use of the AjaxWhois service to find a www address, but all the ones I think of end up being taken! I have one in mind that's available… Ideally I want the new address and new name of the blog to be the same.

Goodbye MySpace!

April 22, 2006

Well I deleted my MySpace account, and shall never speak of it again :P, well maby not that dramatic but I don't see the need for an emo MySpace account when I have Google Talk running most the day, MSN when I feel like it, A large list of contacts in Gmail, as well as a blog and cell phone. I must admit I never really looked into the music scene on there which I understand is the big attraction, I only opened the account cause a friend asked me to and I wanted to try the CSS tricks πŸ™‚ It was coincidence I came across the digg post How MY SPACE grew into a Monster – Learning from Flaws of Competition. Interesting read and some very funny comments too.

I would be interested in an alternative social networking service however, MySpace just put me off with its contstant server errors, crappy user interface which alot of people really seem to love? (Bright green and pink != good design, neither does embedding an mp3 in a webpage, it wasn't cool 6 years ago and its not cool now), and bad security! 
I like the idea of it but it has simply just got too big for itself.

So for now, Goodbye MySpace!

XHTML 1.0 W3C standards

March 7, 2006

I really should put my attention to other papers at the moment but I’ve been looking up XHTML 1.0. I’ve been reading the W3C Recommendation at I found it very interesting and had a good read of the differences with HTML 4.

The differences aren’t great for a basic HTML document; XHTML is case sensitive, all documents must be well formed meaning all elements must have closing tags or must be written in a special form e.g. Elements such as “br” that do not have closing tags are to be written “br/”. These are just a few its well worth reading the article if you are planning on designing/building a new website or are re-implementing one to meet the current standards.

The web application I am developing will be designed to meet these standards. A good tool to check XHTML documents to W3C standards is the W3C Markup Validation Service. I decided to check this site Only 2 errors were found: An image was missing the required “alt” attribute to provide alternate text and there was an end tag for the “p” element that was never open. Not bad!

Tableless design with CSS

March 7, 2006

As I have been more interested in client based development I haven’t been following the advancements in web design/development as closely as I should have. My next project for class is a web based application so I've been doing a bit of research into XHTML, and the current use of CSS. I must say the future is looking good!

The current trend (and why has it taken so long?) is to separate the mark-up (HTML) and the presentation (CSS). This means your HTML document should only contain the bare elements of page structure, this means the use of tags for headers, tags for paragraphs, tags for block elements, for inline elements and the use of tables only to display tabular data (data that should be presented in table form). Loading this on its own would display a pretty boring page but will include all the content required. Adding an external style sheet to this page allows the presentation to be modified (margins, font colours, faces, types etc) as well as specifying the layout of the page (withought using complex tables). This also means if any presentation changes are required to the website only one document needs to be edited, the style sheet (CCS) file. Without separating the content from the presentation an update would have to be made to every single page, often manual.

This is often referred to as 'Table less design' definitely a new concept as web designers have learnt to live with designing pages based on complex tables and spacer gifs. With the use of style sheets and keeping the content document as simple and structured as possible you can eliminate a great amount of unneeded mark-up, reducing page sizes, load on server, and complexity. Using this technique users can also choose their own preferred styles or create their own … I think my user sites are generally not the best example of this but there it is common to embed your own CSS and HTML to your pages to override default settings.

A perfect example of table less design and the use of different style sheets can be seen here: This site includes CSS resources and an excellent introduction to table less design.