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DBMS for basic application data storage

August 19, 2006

An application I am making requires a basic DBMS and it would be ideal if I could have this as a standalone file without having to install mySQL or another service based DBMS on a users computer when it is not necessary. Microsoft Access files definately do the job but I’d like an alternative. All the file needs to do is store the SQL data and provide a DBMS engine. I don’t need any of the visual functions (form creation, etc).

I’ll proberly end up going with OO.o Base 2 due to the simplicity. The other alternatives include: looking for or implementing an XML based storage solution, using an object database to directly save objects, using an API based database engine or as mentioned installing mySQL on the client.

For quick and easy implementation it is much easier to use a datafile, ODBC, and SQL. I’ll install OO.o Base 2 and see what I come up with, still have assignments that I need to get done at the moment though!


Mozilla Active X control

August 5, 2006

Yesterday I got a little sidetracked while working on a report and started helping a friend with a web-browser project (well a shell) he is working on. He had been using the Internet Explorer engine until we decided the Geeko engine would be the go. After a few Google searches we found an official Mozialla Active X control to be used in any environment that supported importing of Active X controls, In our case Delphi. We didn’t get it installed and registered as we did not have admin privlages on the computers we were using, a bit of a shame really but I don’t imagine it would be a hard install.

I looked so interesting I am planning on making a RSS feed reader based on it, will hopefuly at least have the control installed and showing a webpage by tonight.

Updated wordpress login

August 3, 2006

I just logged in and noticed the new login screen:


Looks good! I really want to learn how to do those nice gradient fills! Or is it some kind of lighting trick?

As mentioned in my previous post I began writing my ‘append to text file’ application, it worked well although I came across a couple of issues regarding keeping a tally of hours worked. I manged to use the Delphi functions to return a double (delphi dates are stored as a double datatype) my calculation of EndTime – StartTime returned a double value, say 36555 (I have NO idea what it was from the top of my head and the application is on another PC). The problem I had was then displaying it, I kinda gave up at that point, not because it was too hard but because I decided it was unnecessary and that I’d manually edit the file, I actually prefer it that way. I’ll still work out how to manage dates though!

If I make a good dateDiff type function I’ll post it up.