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Gmail chat offline messages

November 2, 2006

I noticed yesterday when chatting to a friend that I could send messages to him when he went offline, previously it would tell you the recipient is offline and will not receive your message. This only works If they go offline during a chat session, otherwie the quick contact list takes you to the compose mail screen.

I got an email reply from my friend this morning containing the few messages I sent him, complete with timestamps and horizontal rule separating messages.

Very cool new feature, espcially for those chat sessions that tend to get lost when somone closes the browser window by mistake!


Google Apps for Your Domain – Should a business trust a free service?

September 6, 2006

I’m sure most of the people reading this will have heard of Google’s Google Apps for your domain. This service allows a business to intergrate with Google’s Gmail free email service by allowing a company to use their registered domain name with a gmail account.When this was released I realised the great benifits of this to small businesses / organisations but was a little hesitant over the fact the data is not stored locally.

I read the post: Google & Windows Apps for your domain, the killer app for small businesses? Which gives a good overview of the service and highlights the trust issue. In the authors opinion, and my own, why not trust a third pary? Well it depends…
On the surface it’s easy to say it’s better to have your data stored in house as you have complete control. A counter argument could be that it would be better to have your information stored on Googles secure and highly maintained servers, off site. I think the later is much more appealing, backups, outages, and access become much less concern.

In my opinion it comes down to research; there is nothing wrong with entrusting your information to a third party (Accounting for example) as long as you have done some research on the company and are sure they are trustworthy. It’s also best to keep in mind Google Apps would be one of very few free services worth considering. I believe Google is trustworty and if the data is really that mission critical email may not be the best option anyway!

Google Apps for your domain looks like a great service and I’d reccomend it to a small company. One thing that would be nice to see is the ability to ensure all your data is deleted from Googles server when the account is deleted, even if you have to pay for it. I’m not sure what the procedure for deleting emails currently is.

Windows Live Mail Screenshots

June 6, 2006

Here are some screen shots I took oy my hotmail live account today, I would have like to supplemented them with a review or so but don’t have the time this week. If you are a Gmail user I wouldn’t worry too much, If you are a hotmail user then you will love the new interface and features.

Drag and drop


Classic view

Bottom Pane

Right Pane

My friend Tom also has a nice short review on Paint .NET. I have seen this before and it is a very impressive program so take a look at toms review and try it out, Oh its Freeware of course :).

Gone Live!

June 5, 2006

I have finally recieved an invite to join Winodws Live Mail and have upgraded my hotmail account. The look was no suprise as I have seen plenty of screen shots and friends accounts have been upgraded. Initial impressions are that it is a HUGE improvement over the 1999 (or so) hotmail interface and hotmail users should be quite happy with it. Although classic view may be perfered. I'll have a good play around when I have more time.

They are offering 2GB storage as well which is welcomed. 

Bouncing Emails?

April 24, 2006

I signed in to my hotmail address today in case it had been updated to live. The account was the same but I noticed in my spam folder a email sent from a forum I used to frequent. The reason I got it was that I had the email for years then cancelled it to lessen confusion when I exclusively used gmail and while it was cancelled the account was not taken, so when the account was active again the email went through! I wonder if their emails have been bouncing for the last year or so!

Perhaps something to consider when running a mailing list? If it bounces 3 times in a row (over a decent period of time) then the address should proberly be removed from the list!

I have finally fixed my times on this blog too! , it didnt update the eariler ones, which is as expected I should have done a proper test post in the first place, but from this post onwards time stamps will be correct, previous ones are out by 12 hours, so reverse am/pm 🙂

And we are back.

April 16, 2006

First post in about a week or so, I got all my assignments in and now am on top of everything. What better time to start organising my work for the second half of the semester than now, and what better tool to do it with than Google Calendar :D. I didn't realise Google had released Google Calendar until I got an email from a friend today. I logged in using my

I recently tried the hack to upgrade a Hotmail account to Hotmail Live, Which left me with the same crappy interface after saying I had been upgraded. I was also having trouble signing out so sent an email to their support (a little over a week ago), I got a reply today and was very impressed with their service! They apologised for the delay and how important they realise it is to get a quick reply and then went into detail on the possible causes, which may or may not have been cookies/history settings, I dont actually use hotmail so its not too important. What I was interested in was if they could tell from my account details if I was on live, and if not if they could manually add me :p , they couldn't tell me due to privacy policys preventing them from this access even if they wanted to.

In conclusion, as far as free support from a large provider goes I was happy!, Although my friend got a reply from Gmail support in an hour 🙂 (not that I am comparing!)

Expect more frequent updates from now, Including one more today!

Windows Live Mail Hack

April 5, 2006

I signed up to hotmail today to try this Windows Live Mail hack, but it didnt change the look of my hotmail? Im not too worried, I’m very happy with Gmail. And from reading the comments posted on blogs detailing this hack many people were requesting it to be changed back! I don’t know why because the UI hasn’t change since I last used it about a year ago and it was full of ads and unproductive then. I did get asked if I want to join the beta program, so maby soon?Something I did notice when signing up my Microsoft account was a password strength meter that changed as you entered your password from weak to strong. Pretty good idea!

I came across netsquared and think its a great concept, I wish them well! I’d be quite interested in offering my skills over the holidays or something to help a non profit group with technology/ development.