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Something of my own, Tag clouds and Gaim

July 15, 2006

I’ve been having a good play with some wordpress themes lately and have installed a few to try out. I still love the K2 variants and have found a couple of others I like alot, but I have made the decision; I will be making my own theme. All the themes I have come across have one or two changes that need to be made for me to be happy and if I am going to be modding something I’d rather just start from scratch. That way I can say I did it all.

I have a design currently that I am very happy with, still needs a little work but it is simple and effective, will suit a tumblelog format well I think (looks much better in the browser):

blog design

I used the sketch I posted as a bit of a guide but the Flickr photos will not be where I had planned and I’m a little unsure if I love or hate tag clouds. I like the fact that they display the tags in a creative way and using fonts and colours give a good indication of usage , although I do feel they are a little over done and can look ‘tacky’.

Rounded corners is another issue, currently my header has rounded edges as well as the content. The footer will not be (although its the same colour as the background anyway) and the navigation will not be. Hopefuly this will still give it a sharp look and draw the eye to the left side first?

Will post a progress pic when I have made a few changes. I hoping to have it done in two weeks or so, working on it bits at a time.

I have also been connecting to MSN via Gaim at the moment. Windows Live was getting a little annoying with all its features people seem to love and Gaim looked like a nice alternative. As well as the fact it runs on multi platforms and a disk drive. Features that I will be finding useful soon!

Finally RE: YouOS and browser based desktops , There has been quite a bit of debate on the term OS (Operating System) in relation to what they provide. Ok , YouOS is not an operating system as it requires a browser to run and does not provide the basic tasks of an operating system. I don’t think the name is too misleading as it will help with marketing and works well as a proof of concept for the browser based desktop concept. It’ll be interesting to see where this heads but I am starting to favour browser based remote desktop type applications more (why reinvent the wheel?). This is of course just my opinion.


Instant Messaging

May 13, 2006

Recently I have been thinking about what I like and look for in a messaging program, most of the reason being that I have been trying Google Talk and the MSN Live, which got me thinking. My ultimate messenger would be: multiplatform, open source, easily extendable (plugins?) , skinable (not so important), good logging capability and very light weight.

Just to extend a little on the liteweight comment, just because large harddrives are cheap and everyone seems to have them is NO reason to make applications unnessecarily bloated. Why should a messaging program be over 10mb? Although I admit I do not know how much of this is required protocol/ operational functionality.

Gaim looks like a good option, opensource, cross platform, extendable, portable and cross platform 🙂 will give it a go.

Windows Live Messenger BETA

May 9, 2006

I finally updated to the latest version of MSN 8.0, not that I had a choice, I couldn't sign in without updating, not a big deal though. Initial impressions are: I quite like the ability to choose colour scheme, Nicknames! This feature is great! It allows you to rename a contact on your list, very good for people who's names change often or if you are tired of long emo lyrics as names, much improved profiles and profile interaction with the application (Contact update subscription option availiable on contacts), and a few extra options here and there that I have yet to fully explore.

Messenger is starting to get very good! 😀


Messenger 8 beta invites

April 26, 2006

Well I still havn't manged to get much further in my password meter, will get started tomorow depending on time. I have a few messenger 8 beta invites if anyone wants to give it a try? Leave your email in a comment 🙂

As for hosting, Dreamhost looks good but I have come across a few New Zealand based ones, which is where I live that offer good service and that will make payment easier so I might go with one of them. They offer wordpress support as well. Still havn't throught of a name/url for the new blog yet, the content of this blog will be exported over hopefully, or at least reposted. 


March 22, 2006

I’ve been using google talk more and more now and I think the msn – GTalk transition is going quite well. Most of the people I talk to alot on msn have changed over, and I can still open up msn if I really have to. I’m going to do a review on the voice features of all the popular messenging programs, proberly in about a week. On the topic of my mini project I think I under estimated what would be involved, it will proberly take a week, I’ve been too busy to get started but will make a start tonight.

Also, if you have not heard of it is an online bookmarking service which allows you to save websites to a public profile. It also tells you how many other people have saved the same link and allows you to view their profiles. They have also just released a “do not share” feature which allows you to post up bookmarks that are not shown on your public profile. A very good feature.

And hello! to all the people viewing this blog through blog mad, feel free to vote for me 😉 or post a comment!

Varb For Me


Think you are up to date with all the new Web 2.0 applications coming out?

An interesting post by Larry Osterman on why Microsoft “Time Bomb” its beta releases. Time Bombing is when a beta product stops functionality after a certain time, either by feature (such as not allowing further saving) or by removing all functionality. Its a pretty interesting read, although the comments at the end of the article seem to go quite off topic.

New to linux? TUX online magazine is a digital magazine for the new Linux user. I subscribed and downloaded issue 11 today and it was an interesting read, very beginner level.

MSBOB and Google Talk

March 19, 2006

I have been playing with MS Bob a bit, The logo (Nerd Smile in MSN) still freaks me out a little though 😛

I downloaded Google Talk today, 876KB download which is the size a messenger program should be. Sadly I don’t think I will end up using it much as all my messenging contacts are on MSN and are very unlikely to change over, there isn’t much point in having two apps running when you can just use the one. I think people actually like all the bloat in MSN too (Winks?) haha!

This is how a messenging program should look! No ads! No Sidebar! No web search! And a simple design that does not take over the screen! The features that Google Talk lacks compared to MSN I don’t think I’d miss. Google Talk cannot do file transfer but MSN isn’t the best at that and Google Talk has seamless integration with GMail which does it perfectly.

Messenger 8.0 BETA … Thumbs up :)

March 16, 2006

Just a quck post on my first impressions… 13mb download?! I understand to most people this is no big deal but thats not the point, why does it need to be so big? It’s a messenging program! I’d consider 5mb large! The improvements on the GUI are welcomed, much smoother looking.

The annoying tabs on the side can be turned off (first thing I looked for), You can’t turn off the websearch at the bottom of the screen or the “find a contact” search box. The filter contacts is a nice feature, I set mine to show only online contacts. Best of all, You can send offline messages and can apper offline and still talk to people!, although (of course) they will know you are appearing offline. These are two features I have wanted since everyone switched from ICQ years ago, still not sure why they did?

Finally, if you do not have a virus scanner you can download a free virus scanner for messenger to automatically scan transfers. I have yet to try out the sharing folders feature.

I like it.

I’m in!

March 16, 2006

I have been sent an invite to Windows Live Messenger but havn’t had the chance to download it yet. Had to fire up IE to get the download to work though :P, it’s been a while!

I have a project in Java coming up so I’ll be evaluating some java IDE’s within the next week. In the meantime I came across two interesting sites today:

Daily WTF – Happy (Belated) Jed Day!

// if the expression is true then the result will be true, otherwise (since the
// expression couldn't be true) the result will be false.  There are no other
// mathematical possibilities
if (Expression=True) then

if (Expression=False) then
end; Anna “The life of a flower in a gothic fairytale. Won ‘Best Technical Achievement’ at the Machinima Film Festival 2003” A short film made utilising the ID graphics engine. Created by Fountainhead Entertainment. Very impressive.
Messenger 8.0 BETA Now installed (I’ve taken my time writing this!) I have a bit to do before going to sleep so will have a good look tomorow.