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Adobe contributes Flash Player Scripting Engine

November 8, 2006

Tamarin , the latest Mozilla project addition, is the result of Adobe contributing their Flash Player Scripting engine to the Mozilla team, A move Brendan Eich, chief technology officer of Mozilla Corporation, and creator of JavaScript said to be “the largest contribution to the Mozilla Foundation since its inception,”.
Personally I don’t feel this is all too suprising. As I have said in my post GUI toolkits for web apps? (proberly in need of an update) the Adobe Flex IDE looked to be (at the time of writing) a high candidate for the creation of interactive web applications. If the Flash support on Linux based operating systems (or anything else FireFox has been ported to) gains momentum Adobe will be in a very desirable place.

A very appreciated gesture, thaks Adobe! – Please bring us Photoshop!

Java Community News – Adobe Contributes Flash VM Code to Mozilla

Mozilla – Adobe and Mozilla Foundation to Open Source Flash Player Scripting Engine


Firefox2 and the Yahoo extension

November 4, 2006

I installed firefox 2 tonight and I (of course) like it. Nice, subtle but noticeable interface upgrades and of course the welcomed addition of a spell checker!

I also had a look at the Yahoo firefox extension. I’m not sure how long this has been around, the URL based link in my toolbar had done the job fine so far but I thought I’d have a look.

I use often and have always thought it’d be cool to integrate directly to the Bookmarks menu. In fact a friend of mine is writing a simple browser using the Mozilla active x control I have previously mentioned and this is something I said he should do. Well, the Yahoo extension does exactly this, making bookmark management that much easier and the roll back (exporting from to your bookmarks menu on uninstall) works perfectly.

Firefox also provides easy RSS integration to add a feed to your favourite reader. I configured mine to subscribe feeds to my blog lines account, again, much welcomed!

I havn’t had much of a change to look at any other new firefox features yet.

The BLINK tag; quote from creator

August 17, 2006

Missed this tag? (I actually used the tag for this line but wordpress stripped it!)

I was looking at the Wikipedia entry for Lou Montulli, creator of the <blink> tag in the Netscape based browsers and also creator of the Lynx web browser and thought this quote was worth sharing:

The inventor of the blink tag, Lou Montulli, has said repeatedly in interviews that he considers “the blink tag to be the worst thing I’ve ever done for the Internet”.

Internet Explorer does not support the blink tag even in its CSS implementation, not a bad thing! It’s also not part of the official HTML specification.

So heres my tribute to the web element ‘BLINK’ gone but not forgotten!

export XML from SQL

August 12, 2006

This is the next thing I need to do for an application I am working on, won’t get to try it until next week but it looks like exactly what I am after, and quite simple! Fingers crossed.


The Mozilla Active X control worked perfectly as can be seen in the screenshot above, the only problem is that it doesn’t seem to support xml? I opened my wordpress feed in the control and it outputted plain text, not the nested elements as it would if you opened it in firefox for example. This is what I wanted to use it for (xml with a stylesheet) so I think I’ll look for a control that supports this, most likely a Java/Swing combo. Python/ Ruby were close but I have more experience in Java and like using Java Swing GUI components. And having to worry about how the TK or QT frameworks work with each language is proberly not the best way to learn a new language :).

I have been having a play with Ruby and I realling love the language and the pure OO implementation. It is very similar to JADE however I think it has already got more market interest! Especially with the Ruby on Rails framework.

Mozilla Active X control

August 5, 2006

Yesterday I got a little sidetracked while working on a report and started helping a friend with a web-browser project (well a shell) he is working on. He had been using the Internet Explorer engine until we decided the Geeko engine would be the go. After a few Google searches we found an official Mozialla Active X control to be used in any environment that supported importing of Active X controls, In our case Delphi. We didn’t get it installed and registered as we did not have admin privlages on the computers we were using, a bit of a shame really but I don’t imagine it would be a hard install.

I looked so interesting I am planning on making a RSS feed reader based on it, will hopefuly at least have the control installed and showing a webpage by tonight.

Get in sync

June 15, 2006

As I move between different computers quite often I have been wanting some form of tool that syncs your browser settings between computers. I started to think of how I could make an application to do something like this using an intermediate server and firefox, but … Google has done it! Another great tool to the large list of quality Google services is Google Browser Sync. As suggested it syncs your bookmarks, history and form passwords as well as remembering what tabs you had open when you closed the browser window (a feature I have found to be extremely useful).  Another highly reccomended download.
I briefly mentioned in my post Hello World a while ago that I have been thinking about exactly what area of programming I'd like to ideally get into at the end of this year when my degree is completed. In contrast to what I wrote in that post (favouring low level programming) I think the area I'd like to get into is more server side applications, using languages/application such as XHTML, CSS, Java, XML, MySQL, C++, PHP, and Apache. These are what I will be focusing on from now. My industry project involves the research, design and implementation of a client server application which is directly related to this so it will be good experience.

I also have collected fair amount of bookmarks for various tech/development related topics which I need to organise (information isn't valuable unless its accessable 😛 . I will start uploading them to my account which I havn't been making much use of.

Holidays in a little over a week so I can begin on the various projects I have lined up, including the hosting of this blog and some friends. As well as getting my NoteThis application working. I'd like to set this up as an open source project if there is interest , to see what can be added as well as to learn from others how my programming can be improved.

Java Layout Managers and Google Notebook

May 31, 2006

First of all,lack of updates recently … I have about 3 weeks left before end of semester and lots of assignments due so havn't had as much time for anything other than study at the moment. I'm handing another in soon and quite on track with the rest so will be able to update more frequently again, and on with the post….

Anyone that has made a GUI application in Java I'm sure will agree that it is extremely hard to get a nice layout. If you are using a text editor it involves heavy use of the GridBagLayout as well as mixing layouts within panels etc. And if you are using an IDE they are often cumbersome, generate awkward or propitiatory code and do not export to other IDE's easily.  I came across the Zone-Layout Manager which appears to address these issues and provides a good open source code based alternative. Definitely worth checking out if yor are a Java programmer. You can see a well written and detailed comparison here

I have installed Google Notebook and have found it useful already. Google Notebook allows a block of text to be selected and instead of copying you can choose the left mouse click option of 'Note this' which adds the selection to the notebook with the URL of the website. The notebook can be opened and viewed/edited at any time by clicking its icon in the bottom right hand corner of FireFox's status bar. A highly recommended plug-in for FireFox.

Picasa for Linux

May 28, 2006

Finally! Google have released their photo organisation software for the Linux platform. Picasa is a very good application and one I recommend for organising a large collection of images. Read more here on the official site. While browsing the google sites I also saw they have a Google Notebook firefox extension. I think I’ll use this alot.

I can’t remember what blog I found this image on so if anyone can provide me with a link that’d be great , FireFox on a bus in India 😀