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Browser based operating

April 6, 2007

I was reading Ra’s blog post: Firefox OS and had been meaning to comment on it. I voiced my opinion on the subject which has been the inspiration for this post.

I’ve written about the concept before: and believe it has merit. It’s not what feel is the best way forward, however.

To quote my comment (saves writing the same thing twice!):

Browser based operating systems are an interesting concept, something that I had been following last year. I know its self promotion but have a look at my post:

My view now is that thin clients are great, browser based operating is not!

I really don’t understand the push towards browser based applications? I’d much rather have a desktop app which implements a client server architecture through web apps than be forced to use an application within a browser. Not to mention the reliance on a third party for your data. I’m not being paranoid but why give Google all your information when it’s just as easy to keep it local? USB drives are perfect for on the run, browser based operating would be useful for travel but I think thats about it.

I’d like to see a push towards GNU/Linux based thin clients with application suites. Combine this with a media center type application and you have a very viable home entertainment computer.

I can see that happening.

I’ve head comments such as wasn’t the old client-server model so much easier” and “Catering for different browsers and maintaing usability is such a hassel”. The former also suggested (something that I’ve always had in the back of my mind) including a ‘shell application’ which was a browser wrapper but only contained what was required to render the page (no back button etc.). This would be a good solution as the browser is agreed on (no compatibility issues) and catering for events such as using the ‘back’ button at an inappropriate time are non issues.

What I’d like to see is the push towards desktop ‘Applets’; small applications that do one job and do it well.

Combine this with a portable device and you can have an on the go system or thin clien. This is what I believe is where desktop development should be heading.


Time to make a start

September 25, 2006

I’ve been quite busy lately but it’s time to manage my time more effectively so I can get some projects I’ve been wanting to do under way. I definitely work best when I write out a to-do list, and I’m a graphical thinker so doing sketches and screen designs helps me get productive quickly. With that in mind…
My first project is going to be my Java RSS feed reader. I’ve recently started a fresh OS install so need to install a Java IDE, and mySQL. My to do list looks something like this: (very basic)

  • Screen design
  • Download/ Install javaIDE
  • Download/ Install mySQL
  • Create GUI front end
  • Create logic
  • Put it all together

The reason I’ve wanted to make this is because the offerings out don’t exactly fit my needs and it’ll be a fun project. I also have a feature that I don’t think has been incorporated in a feed reader that should add a little more enjoyment to keeping up with feeds! More on that as I develop it! The GUI will be first but I’m very interested in making a complete commandline interface.

The search for a to do list

August 2, 2006

After searching for a to do list, and trying many combinations from applications, to plain text scripting, to drawing up an idea of my own, it seems I have finally settled on something that is easy to use, portable, and functional ; pen and paper 😛

After trying many different solutions for a while the one that let me really get the ideas down and give me the most satisfaction when a task is complete was plain paper!

Last semester when I got really snowed under due to my own bad time management my newly purchased notebook proved indispensable. It allowed me to write down everything I needed to do during the day, brainstorm ideas and doodle :). I manged to get everything done, and more, and received an A+ for the project!

As far as a simple to-do list, I think this is hard to beat.

On a similar topic for my project I have been keeping a plain text journal. This again has proved highly useful for simply getting notes down in a small and portable format. I have started writing the journal with a basic template:

Start: (press F5 for timestamp insert in notepad)

I spend today researching ……

End: (press F5 for timestamp insert in notepad)


I’d like to make a Delphi application that automates the appending of this template information to the file to save time as well as add in a mechanism to tally up my hours completed based on the time stamp.