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Windows Live Mail Hack

April 5, 2006

I signed up to hotmail today to try this Windows Live Mail hack, but it didnt change the look of my hotmail? Im not too worried, I’m very happy with Gmail. And from reading the comments posted on blogs detailing this hack many people were requesting it to be changed back! I don’t know why because the UI hasn’t change since I last used it about a year ago and it was full of ads and unproductive then. I did get asked if I want to join the beta program, so maby soon?Something I did notice when signing up my Microsoft account was a password strength meter that changed as you entered your password from weak to strong. Pretty good idea!

I came across netsquared and think its a great concept, I wish them well! I’d be quite interested in offering my skills over the holidays or something to help a non profit group with technology/ development.