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March 28, 2007

When writing my last post I forgot completely about my graduation, which was yesterday.

Graduation was great, I won the award for best industry project which is something I always wanted to acheive.

This came as a suprise as the majority of the projects were very high standard with alot of time and effort being put in. Along with the award I was presented a check for $1000 NZ from Toyota New Zealand, also a huge suprise!

I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and seeing what everyone is doing. It was good to share some work stories and discuss some future collabrations. Me and a friend have been meaning to start developing a fun web based competition which will be unvailed soon I hope!

I spent last night celebrating with family and came back home thismorning (could have slept in forever).

I ordered a Lain Li case today, not the newest of their offerings but I feel its the original of the designer cases and have always wanted this shape.

I also picked up a copy of Red Hat Fedora Core 6 Unleashed today, had to choose between this or FreeBSD Unleashed, a hard decsion but they are very similar (concepts) and I can always borrow Ra’s copy (Which in true geek fashion I started reading while having some drinks at his place).

Sorting a place to park my new domain and then all will be told, I can confirm I now have a new domain name ready for some future projects.

An eventful couple of days! Still have to get started on the file rename script.


Goodbye Flickr and hello new domain

March 25, 2007

Well it looks like the time has finally come, Flickr has been getting more and more bloated and I’ve been using it less and less; the time has come to say goodbye.

The initial plan was to create a photo called flickr dump in my home folder and put all the images in there, then delete my account. The new plan is to combine the new domain I’m getting (hopefully be finalised in the next few days) with a hosting package, an open source image management application and then do the migration. Should be alot of fun!

I’ve been going through a bunch of images on my computer lately and sorting them to try and get some order. I was making good progress until I wanted to put files with the same name in the same directory. The solution to this is to write a script that will add a date time prefix to each photo and then retain the filename afterwards. This should also make searching easier if required at a later date.

I’m going to have a go at this tomorow night as it’s getting late, may be a good time to have a go at phyton!

News on new domain and image re naming script tomorow.

I should also add that doing the migration is a very low priority at the moment so will be keeping my Flickr account fot the time being. I don’t want to loose any of the linked images as they are there to be shared.

Another up comming project is to get a media center going in our lounge, this is something I’m really looking forward to and I’m leaning towards a Linux box with a media center app (havn’t had a good look at whats out) or an XBOX 360. Beauty of the Linux box is I can set up a DNS server as well, then again XBOX 360 is a rather nice console 😀

Also going to have a good sort through my categories tomorow, I’ve decided to use more generic ones to ease usability.

On the (sort of) subject on usability I’m working with a usability expert at work in the next couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing what methodologies and techniques are used as I think It’ll be qutie useful. Regular readers of my blog will know I have a keen interest in GUI design and techniques. See my GUI category for previous posts.


July 10, 2006

I’ve created my a test blog on my local webserver and am running a K2 based theme. I have always loved blogs based on K2 so am quite happy with the new look. All I need to do is add a Flickr plugin and feed.

The new blog is populated thanks to wordpress offering import/export of posts to XML. All I need to do is get my blogs hosted, which I will do in a week or two. Still trying to think of a domain name. I want something that suits subdomains as I am going to host a couple of friends blogs.

blogname.(somethinghere).com? I have no idea!



June 28, 2006

Well the holidays have finally come and I have finished all my subjects, hoping for good marks all round 🙂 Now that I have some more free time I will be able to update much more and get started on some projects I have been meaning to do. Currently my list is (in some form of importance from 1st to last) below:

  1. Create dump program. I have a really bad habbit of saving everything to the desktop and working from there. Each new semester I create new folders for each subject as well as a folder for reference, this usually lasts 2 weeks before it is a mess again. I have an idea how I can solve (inspired by using ANT with TomCat) this so will get out DELPHI tonight or tomorow.
  2. Host my blog and some friends blogs on a new server, get some experience with how wordpress works.
  3. Install a new harddisk and format my old one.
  4. Learn C# and make NoteThis! application, an application to store text based notes by tagging and saving. Will have an XML backend.
  5. Re-write my content management system into Ruby to allow more webhosting options and to learn ruby on rails.
  6. Make a Java RSS feed reader (Ideally will run from command line and will later add a gui)
  7. Get organised!

I’ll update with my progress on this as well as other development topics I come across.

Get in sync

June 15, 2006

As I move between different computers quite often I have been wanting some form of tool that syncs your browser settings between computers. I started to think of how I could make an application to do something like this using an intermediate server and firefox, but … Google has done it! Another great tool to the large list of quality Google services is Google Browser Sync. As suggested it syncs your bookmarks, history and form passwords as well as remembering what tabs you had open when you closed the browser window (a feature I have found to be extremely useful).  Another highly reccomended download.
I briefly mentioned in my post Hello World a while ago that I have been thinking about exactly what area of programming I'd like to ideally get into at the end of this year when my degree is completed. In contrast to what I wrote in that post (favouring low level programming) I think the area I'd like to get into is more server side applications, using languages/application such as XHTML, CSS, Java, XML, MySQL, C++, PHP, and Apache. These are what I will be focusing on from now. My industry project involves the research, design and implementation of a client server application which is directly related to this so it will be good experience.

I also have collected fair amount of bookmarks for various tech/development related topics which I need to organise (information isn't valuable unless its accessable 😛 . I will start uploading them to my account which I havn't been making much use of.

Holidays in a little over a week so I can begin on the various projects I have lined up, including the hosting of this blog and some friends. As well as getting my NoteThis application working. I'd like to set this up as an open source project if there is interest , to see what can be added as well as to learn from others how my programming can be improved.

Password Strength Meter

April 28, 2006

I made a mock-up today:

I got started on my password verification, I worte it in delphi because that allowed me to sort out the GUI much easier as it is only in prototype stage (I’m just working out a useful algorithm). The finished application code will be ported to java (or any server side language) with an ajax interface for use on webforms. As you can see the meter updates on each keypress and (at the moment) simple validation is done. I hope to have functionality completed very soon so I can begin porting and move onto my next project… Starting that XML file reader/writer.

My own template? And wordpress themes

April 26, 2006

Well I have been looking at templates and some look pretty good, however I feel if I designed my own it would give me full control, I'd learn lots, and its good experience. I have a good idea of what I want, 2 columns (the same as this blog, I like the black sidebar on the right) with the only main difference to this blog being the top and colour scheme (I like the dark scheme though). For the top I simply want a rectangular image like they have used at GeekLimit. Wish me luck! Will get started on that In a couple of weeks.

I found a possible theme/template for my project blog though, the minimalist barecity wordpress theme.

And I have been making use of the AjaxWhois service to find a www address, but all the ones I think of end up being taken! I have one in mind that's available… Ideally I want the new address and new name of the blog to be the same.