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WordPress Upgrades

August 14, 2006

I just noticed wordpress now has an ‘upgrades’ option on the admin page. This allows access to certian features by purchasing credits via paypal. A very good idea and I hope it works well for WordPress.

Currently for $15 USD you can access the custom CSS plugin that is included in the download of WordPress for a year. I think if the wordpress hosting suits you this is a very worthwhile upgrade and it is something I’m considering. I’ve been wanting to host myselfย  for some time, but as I only need to host this blog at the moment it hasn’t been worthwhile to get a hosting account, and I like the community integration. I’d like to host some friends blogs though which would give me more reason to set up on my own.

I might load this theme on my local server and have a play with the CSS styles and see what I come up with! I’m not much of a designer but I’d like to change some colours, fonts etc.

There is another new feature, ‘Tag surfer’ which displays recent blog posts with the same categories as you have. I have found some great blogs tonight so look forward to using this more!

Time to get some sleep I think!

…and I’m still copy pasting!


WordPress auto save feature

August 12, 2006

Writing my last post I noticed an auto draft saving feature appear, this is very welcomed as for a long time I have been copying my posts to the clipboard before publishing due to the few too many occasions I have lost a whole post for whatever reason ๐Ÿ™‚

It’ll proberly take a bit to break the habbit now but an excellent feature WordPress!


August 6, 2006


My blog was featured on the WordPress Blogs of the day >> Growing Blogs page at number 31. Quite an achievement and it shows that more and more people are reading my blog, so thanks to all my regular readers ๐Ÿ™‚ feel free to forward the url or xml feed on to anyone that may be interested!



Updated wordpress login

August 3, 2006

I just logged in and noticed the new login screen:


Looks good! I really want to learn how to do those nice gradient fills! Or is it some kind of lighting trick?

As mentioned in my previous post I began writing my ‘append to text file’ application, it worked well although I came across a couple of issues regarding keeping a tally of hours worked. I manged to use the Delphi functions to return a double (delphi dates are stored as a double datatype) my calculation of EndTime – StartTime returned a double value, say 36555 (I have NO idea what it was from the top of my head and the application is on another PC). The problem I had was then displaying it, I kinda gave up at that point, not because it was too hard but because I decided it was unnecessary and that I’d manually edit the file, I actually prefer it that way. I’ll still work out how to manage dates though!

If I make a good dateDiff type function I’ll post it up.

Word press plugin

July 30, 2006

I was talking to a friend tonight, the discussion of which sparked this blog post:

What we thought would be a good idea was if the first page on a blog was full text, then the following where cut down to 4 or so lines using the <!–more–> tag. I’m not sure if such a plugin exists but it would be a pretty straightforward thing to do ๐Ÿ™‚

Something of my own, Tag clouds and Gaim

July 15, 2006

I’ve been having a good play with some wordpress themes lately and have installed a few to try out. I still love the K2 variants and have found a couple of others I like alot, but I have made the decision; I will be making my own theme. All the themes I have come across have one or two changes that need to be made for me to be happy and if I am going to be modding something I’d rather just start from scratch. That way I can say I did it all.

I have a design currently that I am very happy with, still needs a little work but it is simple and effective, will suit a tumblelog format well I think (looks much better in the browser):

blog design

I used the sketch I posted as a bit of a guide but the Flickr photos will not be where I had planned and I’m a little unsure if I love or hate tag clouds. I like the fact that they display the tags in a creative way and using fonts and colours give a good indication of usage , although I do feel they are a little over done and can look ‘tacky’.

Rounded corners is another issue, currently my header has rounded edges as well as the content. The footer will not be (although its the same colour as the background anyway) and the navigation will not be. Hopefuly this will still give it a sharp look and draw the eye to the left side first?

Will post a progress pic when I have made a few changes. I hoping to have it done in two weeks or so, working on it bits at a time.

I have also been connecting to MSN via Gaim at the moment. Windows Live was getting a little annoying with all its features people seem to love and Gaim looked like a nice alternative. As well as the fact it runs on multi platforms and a disk drive. Features that I will be finding useful soon!

Finally RE: YouOS and browser based desktops , There has been quite a bit of debate on the term OS (Operating System) in relation to what they provide. Ok , YouOS is not an operating system as it requires a browser to run and does not provide the basic tasks of an operating system. I don’t think the name is too misleading as it will help with marketing and works well as a proof of concept for the browser based desktop concept. It’ll be interesting to see where this heads but I am starting to favour browser based remote desktop type applications more (why reinvent the wheel?). This is of course just my opinion.


July 10, 2006

I’ve created my a test blog on my local webserver and am running a K2 based theme. I have always loved blogs based on K2 so am quite happy with the new look. All I need to do is add a Flickr plugin and feed.

The new blog is populated thanks to wordpress offering import/export of posts to XML. All I need to do is get my blogs hosted, which I will do in a week or two. Still trying to think of a domain name. I want something that suits subdomains as I am going to host a couple of friends blogs.

blogname.(somethinghere).com? I have no idea!


WordPress install

July 9, 2006

Well I’m definately on my way to a new theme, I have installed all the development tools and have them working together (apache, mysql, php and wordpress). My install went something like this:

Apache 2.2.x didnt like php4 and was not loading the module dll, I understand this is a common problem and came across some solutions based on php5. I wanted to run php4 so I installed Apache 2.0.x.

I did come across XAMPP, a cross platform easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. Looked like the perfect solution but I’d like to learn how to do it manually.

I Changed the default folder public_html by editing DocumentRoot pram and edited the various other settings to work in with the directory structure I created (%roo%/www/…)

I also installed mysql from a zip archive and changed the ini file to point to my non default install location and set my windows classpath. After setup I gave the root user a password, created a user account and removed the anonymous accounts.

I extracted the wordpress install to a folder named blog in my public_html directory

I came accross a small error in setting up a user for the wp-config file. MySQL 5 uses a new password encryption format that is not supported currently by wordpress this is fixed by starting up the mysql server with the –old-passwords pram:

mysqld –console –old-passwords (I don’t have mysql installed as a service)

Or by creating a new user in the following way:

GRANT ALL ON *.* to ‘user’@’localhost’;
SET PASSWORD FOR ‘user’@’localhost’=OLD_PASSWORD(‘password’);

Note the OLD_PASSWORD function.

From the website:

[UPDATE: MySQL 4.1.7 uses a new password encryption system that is incompatible with prior methods. If you want to get WordPress working with a 4.1.7 database, you need to make sure your user password is set as an old-style password (password-old instead of password, if you’re using mysqladmin). — Nabil] Note : The above are actual user comments, and may be subjective in their content. It is hoped that it will be of help to some users who face the specific problems that are addressed by this question..

Once wordpress could work with my passwords the installation was extremely straight forward and my blog was up in no time! Now time to find/create a theme!



June 28, 2006

Well the holidays have finally come and I have finished all my subjects, hoping for good marks all round ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that I have some more free time I will be able to update much more and get started on some projects I have been meaning to do. Currently my list is (in some form of importance from 1st to last) below:

  1. Create dump program. I have a really bad habbit of saving everything to the desktop and working from there. Each new semester I create new folders for each subject as well as a folder for reference, this usually lasts 2 weeks before it is a mess again. I have an idea how I can solve (inspired by using ANT with TomCat) this so will get out DELPHI tonight or tomorow.
  2. Host my blog and some friends blogs on a new server, get some experience with how wordpress works.
  3. Install a new harddisk and format my old one.
  4. Learn C# and make NoteThis! application, an application to store text based notes by tagging and saving. Will have an XML backend.
  5. Re-write my content management system into Ruby to allow more webhosting options and to learn ruby on rails.
  6. Make a Java RSS feed reader (Ideally will run from command line and will later add a gui)
  7. Get organised!

I’ll update with my progress on this as well as other development topics I come across.

New Layout

May 16, 2006

I have changed my layout to what is actually the default wordpress theme. The reason for this is that I feel it is much easier on the eye and offers better presentation of the content, the most important bit :). This is the layout I actually want but with some subtle changes (black side bar, different background colour, different header image to name a few) but for now it suits quite fine! I think in the mean time I will also register a domain name to point to this address. I'm thinking of a name based on my full name.

I also have a couple of links I'd like to mention:

Yahoo! UI Library Grids CSS